From Pastor Wempner 

"Our God is a God who saves." Psalm 68:20

Mixed into the cultures and events of human history is the search for meaning in life. Why are we here? What makes our moments matter?

Some look to possessions. Others fixate on achievements. Still other fabricate gods so they can hear what they want to hear. All these fail to bring meaning to life; and the human heart continues to ache.

David wrote the words of Psalm 68. In the verse above he reflected on a deep truth. The God who reveals himself in the Bible is a God who saves his people. He saved them by sending his Son, a descendant of David. Jesus would save the world from the horror of sin and hopelessness of death. By Jesus' death and resurrection, humanity is set free from the emptiness of a life without purpose. Those who believe in Jesus belong to God for all eternity. Moments on earth matter because, for the Christian, they are moments spent serving God.

It doesn't matter how many possessions you own or how much you have achieved. Life is better when we know and follow the only true God; he is the God who saves us.

If you are not a member of King of Kings Lutheran Church and are in the Garden Grove area, I hope that you will make time to visit us. We would be delighted to meet you. I think you'll enjoy hearing about the God who has saved you.