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» Is it dangerous to treat coincidences as omens from God? I believe that God has a hand in every aspect of our life. If this is true, wouldn't it be safe to say that some coincidences, be it positive or negative, are God's ways of talking to us? Is it feasible that he uses coincidences to point us down a personal path he has picked out for us? If you say that this is feasible, then what happens if it swings the other way? Maybe something works out in our favor that is truly just a coincidence, but we interpret it as an omen from God and follow a path that brings negativity into our life. Interpreting coincidences seems like something that is very subjective, yet I constantly hear people saying, "That was just God looking out for me," as they dodge something negative in their life. Or does WELS believe that God's only channel of communication to us is through the Bible? I understand that we should always use what God has given us in Scripture to align our lives with his will. How do we answer questions that aren't about moral complications though? Is this where we may allow God's "omens" to help guide our decisions?
» When referring to the fruit of the Spirit, do we use fruit in a singular or plural form? In other words, does it matter if we say that the fruit of the Spirit is one fruit with the attributes of love, joy, peace or if we say each attribute is a fruit of the Spirit?
» Is our salvation in jeopardy if we do not make right an issue we have an opportunity to correct? I am struggling with whether or not I am truly forgiven for some things. I do believe in Christ's redemptive work on the cross and I am truly sorry for all my sins including the ones that I don't even know about. For example, let's say I have stolen something from someone and I am truly sorry for having done so. Do I need to give back in order to truly be forgiven?
» Why was Martin Luther against so many of the books that are in the Catholic Bible, and some that remain in ours also? From what I have researched, he tried to get rid of some of the books we currently have, including Hebrews, James, and Revelation (and the seven Old Testament books he was successful with). He also said that "the epistle of St. James is an epistle full of straw." (He seemed to really dislike James' writings). Why did the Protestant Bible throw away so many books, ones it had before the Reformation?
» My mother-in-law recently passed at the age of 85 and had not been a member of a church for some time. When I called one of our churches and spoke with the pastor and asked him if he could do the service for us, he told me he did not feel comfortable with that since he did not know her. (I had called another church earlier and was told the same thing.) So I had said to the pastor, "This is so disappointing, I thought we are all God's children and I was just looking for someone to bless her." His reply to that was, "I could say some very blunt things to you right now that would hurt your feelings, but I don't want to do that and hurt your feelings anymore than they are already." What pastor would say something like this to someone grieving at the loss of a loved one?
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