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Faith Related Q and A
» Since God says we are to respect our elders and leaders and parents, if an elder, leader, or parent doesn't follow God and tells us to do something against God, who do we listen to?
» I was speaking with a Catholic friend of mine a while back about how Catholics view their priorities in life, and it made me think of several questions for WELS. This Catholic friend explained that Catholics believe that in a person's list of priorities, God is first, family is second, and the church is third. Additionally, this friend explained that God, family, and the church are intertwined, even with this list of priorities. I think it brings up several questions for us in the WELS. Should we consider WELS churches to take priority over our families? Or do our families take priority over our WELS churches? I think most people would say that their immediately family takes priority over a WELS church, which is essentially a collection of other people with common beliefs worshiping God. But I do think there are some in WELS who would argue that WELS takes priority over the family. How would you answer these questions?
» If Baptists can go to heaven without repenting of Baptist beliefs that are sinful, why can't someone who commits murder or homosexual sins and doesn't repent and say they still are believers also go to heaven?
» Why do the pastors turn their backs on the congregation when they pray during service?
» I recently learned that some vaccines are made from aborted baby tissue. Should we opt out of receiving these shots for our child?
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