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» When was the ark of the covenant's end?
» Could you please give me a detailed explanation of predestination? I am currently reading the Concordia, but find it a bit hard to understand.
» Good afternoon. I will try to make this brief. I was born into a nominally Mormon home. For most of my growing years my parents never attended services, so I went by myself for many years. It was all I knew. After joining the Navy and much witnessing by several people, I finally read God's Word. I was convinced I was in the wrong place and resigned from the Mormon Church. I did the Bible Church thing for a while, then the base chapel and finally nothing for several years. I am now a member of an LCMS congregation. However, from time to time Mormon doctrine still rings in my head. Mormons believe in a pre-existence of our soul and when I read about the transfiguration, how would the disciples know who Christ was talking with having never met them before? It does not concern me to the point of doubting my faith, and I don't lose sleep over it, but it does make me wonder.
» All my siblings and I were raised Lutheran, but recently my brother has taken an interest in joining an Orthodox (ROCOR) church. I am a little razzled by the whole situation and I really have no clue what the Orthodox believe. I tried to search the Internet, but every article was about Greek Orthodox, and none of them were from a Lutheran perspective. What is the difference between Lutherans and Russian Orthodox?
» What was Luther's opinion of the Jews?
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