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» I have a four-year-old son and I regretfully have not taken him to church regularly up until recently. I want to get him baptized, but I do not have special Lutheran people in my life to ask to be my son's godparents. Will a pastor baptize him without them?
» Can you tell me how it was decided what books to include in the New Testament? For example, Paul wrote letters to believers in Corinth, to Timothy, etc. These letters were kept somewhere, by someone, and many years later another "someone" was led to include them in the NT. Obviously the Holy Spirit did the guiding, and I'm not questioning the fact the Scriptures are the inspired Word of God. Rather, I am confused about the machinations involved/how/why were certain letters/books kept and assembled, and decided to be included? Additionally, how were questions like those associated the book of James resolved, and how was the book of Hebrews kept and decided to be included when we don't even know who wrote it? Sorry to be so long winded and rambling with this question.
» Hello! I remember being taught in Confirmation class in the 70s that God does not listen to the "prayers" of non-Christians, and that they are not real prayers at all. Has the WELS changed its stance on this, or is my recollection faulty? Thank you.
» I don't understand this idea that the United States is to protect Israel, not just because they are an ally, but because they are the "...apple of God's eye." Can you please explain or recommend a book concerning this topic? Thank you.
» I have a friend who is a pastor in the LCMS. He is trying to raise money for a mission trip. Would I be violating any church fellowship or other rules if I donated to his mission fund?
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