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» What is the WELS stance on yoga? There is some "flowery language" (basically no more than positive self-talk) throughout the class and the class ends with the traditional, "namaste" - which I don't participate in it. Unless I'm mistaken, the Bible doesn't touch on practicing yoga! However, "you shall have no other gods" might play a role here. It seems to me, in all of the classes that I have been to, that yoga is very Americanized, meant for fitness, and if anything promotes positive self-talk (unfortunately leaving out God), but also not touching on any of its Hindu or Buddhist roots, etc. Of course, each yoga class and instructor are likely different and this may be situational. On the flip side, God also wants us to take care of our bodies, and yoga is a great way to maintain or improve one's fitness. Is it acceptable to go if what I described is true? And when going to yoga, what image does that give others? Does it take away from the Christian image that I hope to portray? Thanks for answering! I look forward to a response.
» My sister, who was raised WELS like me, is dating a guy who is Catholic. In a conversation she said that we (meaning Lutherans and Catholics) believe in the same God but the specific details of who we believe God to be are different. I didn't know how to respond to that. Can you help?
» Do you think that it may be wise for a Christians to read the Qur'an for educational purposes? Thank you.
» My friend invited me to BSF - an international Bible study that is open to all faiths. Questions are answered and shared only referencing the Bible and what the Holy Spirit shows/teaches you. Is it OK to go to this Bible study, since all are God- and Bible- believing women and they support you belonging and being involved in your church? Thanks.
» As a Lutheran in this current time, should we steer clear of "halal" meat--considering that part of the preparation of this meat includes invoking Allah? And especially in light of (at least here in the USA) the abundance of non-halal foods?
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