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» With all the changes of how people dress throughout history and more recently within the last 50 years of how women dress more like men, what is the view of men dressing like women? Is it OK for women to dress like men as it appears it is socially acceptable in society and when attending church? Is it OK for men to dress like women? Didn't the men and women in biblical times dress similarly? This question is in regard to cross dressing only without being involved in homosexual activities.
» My son, married, four children and raised WELS has, as it appears, fallen away from regular church attendance, still sending his four children to WELS schools, though he has joined the Free Masons. This cannot be good. I am familiar with the doctrine of fellowship, but am concerned with his spiritual wellbeing. Suggestions or thoughts? Thanks.
» I'm single, and because of that I feel like an absolute outsider in my WELS church. I don't feel as if the WELS knows how to minister to adult singles. Also, I feel like volunteer fodder because of my status. Why can't the WELS do a better job of ministering to people like me? I'm considering finding a different church body because of this issue.
» I have been told by a Baptist friend of mine that the Bible has only 9 commandments, not ten like WELS teaches. What's up with this?
» Recently I went to a funeral for a family member who, to my knowledge, did not attend church. The service was led by a pastor from hospice and I believe he was non-denominational. A WELS pastor who sat next to me refrained from singing and praying the Lord's Prayer. The hymns were out of our hymnal with no chance of being improper. Why do we refrain from praying and singing with other religions?
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