A group of enthusiastic seniors, known as the Golden Generation group, meets on the third Thursday of every month at noon in the multi-purpose room. On the agenda are lunch and fellowship, followed by a program of spiritual enrichment, presentations, and sharing. Variety is the order of the day.

Sometimes, a theme is selected for a meeting. The theme can be based on the time of year, such as July Fourth, or it can be just a whimsical idea, such as Disney characters. With the theme in mind, group members can dress in T-shirts and caps suitable for the occasion and provide appropriate menu items as a complement.

The lunch plan varies. Sometimes lunch is provided by one or more of the group members. The group boasts some amazing and generous cooks! Other times, it’s BYOL (bring your own lunch). Usually, the birthday people for that month are in charge of bringing dessert. During lunch, group members talk and laugh, enjoying the time to catch up with long-time friends and make new ones.

With Pastor in faithful attendance, the group enjoys a thoughtful meditational message, as well as opening and closing prayers featuring special requests from the members.

Following lunch and Pastor’s message, the program for the month begins. The program varies. A member of the group or the Church Council might deliver a presentation in an area of study or expertise. Outside speakers can address the group. The school children might present one or more songs for everyone’s enjoyment. In addition, members are encouraged to share health tips, shopping tips, movie reviews, news of upcoming local events, or any other information that might be of interest or benefit. The meeting closes with a short group sing-along and a closing prayer from Pastor.

From the modest, voluntary donations received at each meeting, the group is able to contribute as appropriate to the noon meal, send greeting cards to members, and take on projects to benefit the group and the church. So far the group has added the American and the Christian flags to the multi-purpose room and has supported the installation of ceiling fans in that room as well. The group is looking ahead to other possible projects to make the multi-purpose room more comfortable and attractive for all the groups that use it.

The group has enjoyed some off-campus trips to local sites of interest. For example, the group visited Sony studios in Culver City for a taping of the Jeopardy TV show. On another occasion, the group visited the California Science Center to see the Imax movie “Jerusalem,” look at the Space Shuttle Endeavour, and view the Dead Sea Scrolls.

So if you are a senior who would like to enjoy good times with other King of Kings seniors, the Golden Generation group welcomes you to stop by the next meeting. Come for lunch and stay for fellowship, inspiration, and an interesting program.