Bible Classes
Pastor Wempner's Sunday Morning Bible Class

Idols We Never Knew We Had
We will look closely at what the first commandment teaches us.  
Your Topic Suggestions
There will be a suggestion box for Bible Class topics by the communication boxes in the narthex. Drop a note in with a suggested topic or a verse you’d like explained As we can, we will cover these topics between the other topics listed here.
Midweek Bible Class

Life of Martin Luther
April - May 2016
In this class we will look at significant events in the life of Martin Luther. Along with the history, we will look at the doctrinal controversies at those events as well as his writings about theoe events. As we look at his writings and the Biblical doctrines we will have the opportunities to grow in our own faith and Biblical knowledge.

Women's Sunday Morning Bible Class

Sundays at 10:30 in the 6-8th grade room
  • Variety of topics in an open conversation style with extensive use of God's Word.
  • Bibles and other materials are provided.
  • Reminder that women of ALL ages are welcome (0-100+).
  • Mothers of young children are welcome and encouraged to bring their babies/toddlers to the class.
  • Join us whenever you can!
  • During the summer Sundays, we'll join the blended class led by Pastor Wempner in the multi-purpose room. 

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