Red Cross Blood Drives

The American Red Cross logo is recognized as SAVING LIVES-Today within our communities. The King of Kings cross logo symbolizing Jesus’ death and resurrection for our sins should also be recognized as SAVING LIVES- Eternally!  We at King of Kings are so thankful for Jesus’ loving action done for us on the cross that we want to share our personal blessings and serve others as our loving response.  It is our pleasure to host a Blood Drive for our Garden Grove friends and neighbors.   

We thank the American Red Cross for letting us partner with them!  With God’s blessings we intend to offer you a Blood Drive opportunity FOUR times a year . Mark your calendars to get in sync with our drives to be held Tuesday, JANUARY (9th) 2018, Tuesday, MAY (8th) 2018, and Sunday, JULY (8th) 2018, Friday, SEPTEMBER (7th) 2018.  Our drives are always held in the same month year-after-year so that you can conveniently plan to join us.  These drives are spaced at intervals so that you can always come to our drives as well as add two more donations at other sites in between our dates during March and November.  If you choose to add donations at other sites, please be aware of the 56-day rule so that you can still support our drive.  Donating four times a year would make you a great Red Cross donor.  Donating SIX times a year (which is the maximum red blood donations that you can do every 366 days) would make you an awesome donor!

We hope that you will make it to all of our drives!  Remember that
California is a blood “debtor state”.  We as a state must import blood from other states to meet our daily needs.  Let’s all help to change that for California! The details for our next Red Cross Blood Drive are listed below:

  • Want to register ONLINE?  Sponsor Code: KingOfKings  Zip Code: 92843

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  • Want to register via TELEPHONE?

                CALL Dawn at (714) 539-9446

  • Want to review ELIGIBILITY highlites?

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  • Want to review detailed FAQs from the Red Cross?

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  • Want to GET IN SYNC with our planned drives-- check out this calendar?

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  • Tuesday, MAY 7, 2019
  • Appointments from 2:00 PM through 8:00 PM
  • Make an appointment either on-line or by telephone


    King of Kings Lutheran Church and School
    13431 Newhope Street
    Garden Grove, CA  92843


    Church Telephone: 714-530-6584


  • All people ages 17 years old or older
         (16 years old requires a Red Cross permission slip)
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