I'm New - FAQ
Thank you for visiting our website. If you are looking for a church home, we hope you will consider King of Kings. At the same time, we understand that visiting a church for the first time can be intimidating. What you'll find below is some information that we hope you will find useful to make your visit more comfortable. In particular, we want you to be able to focus on the message that God proclaims through the Bible in our worship service. We want you to grow in your faith in Jesus as your Savior.

We are located in Garden Grove, California at the corner of Trask Ave. and Newhope St. We are next to the 22 freeway. If you exit at Euclid Ave. and go east on Trask, our driveway is just before the stop light for Newhope St.

For a map, please click here.

Service Times
Our Sunday service is at 9:00 AM

Adult Bible Classes, teen Bible Class, and Sunday School begin at 10:30 AM

What is the worship service be like?
We worship God using a liturgical service. Using songs and responsive readings our service keeps the focus on the Word of God and Savior revealed in the Bible. There are elements in our service that we repeat on a weekly basis; others parts of the service change each week.

The sermon is based on a portion of the Bible. You will hear the truth of God's love for sinners proclaimed in the sermon, as well as practical applications for your life. 

As with anything new, liturgical worship may seem strange at first, but as you better understand the significance of each section you will appreciate the spiritual richness of our worship services.

Each week the service is printed into a worship folder so that it is easy to follow along.

What should I wear?
God doesn't make any rules for our clothes other than descency and Christian humility. We don't make any new rules. You'll see a wide variety in our worship service - some in suits and nice dresses; others dressed more casually. We are more interested in having you join us and worshipping Jesus with us than we are about what you wear.

What about the offering?
Offerings are a way of worshipping God and supporting the ministry of the congregation. We intentionally include the offering in the service because it is part of our worship. The offerings that we give are always freewill offerings. God has not commanded any amount from anyone.

If you are visiting, please be our guest. We don't expect you to make an offering. If you'd like to participate, please do; but we understand that you may want to get to know us better before you support our work.

What kind of Lutheran Church are we?
There are a variety of Lutheran denominations in our country. We belong to the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). That doesn't mean our members are all from Wisconsin, but that our church body began in Wisconsin.

Our membership in the WELS unites us with like-minded Christians across our country and around the world, who share a common faith with us. This "synod" allows us to do jointly work we cannot do on our own. We pool our resources to do mission work at home and abroad, to train young people to serve in public ministry as pastors, teachers and staff ministers, and to put out publications such as hymnals, Bible studies, and other materials. Above all, we find comfort in knowing there are Christians throughout the world who share a common faith with us.

Our congregation and church body are solidly based on the Bible. We believe that Jesus is our only Savior and way to heaven. Through faith we are united to him and to each other.