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Lutheran Boy Pioneers (LBP)
What is a Lutheran Pioneer?  The dictionary tells us that a Pioneer is "someone who goes before, preparing the way."  It is someone who leads.  Lutheran Pioneers is a Christ centered ministry that guides the boys on the Godly road to manhood.   In the King of Kings Lutheran Boy Pioneer and Buckaroos ministries, we help the boys learn and experience the many skills and crafts that are basic to everyone's lives.  They get to try out these new experiences with friends their own age as they all become leaders using the talents that God has given them.  Our ministry is for boys aged 1st grade through 8th grade.  We welcome all boys from our church, our grade school, and our neighborhood to come join the FUN!  Just call our church office if you would like more information or send an email from our school webpage.

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Jesus, help our eyes to see

Our salvation earned by thee.

Jesus, help our ears to hear

Calls for help from far and near.

Jesus, help our feet to go

In the way that thou wilt show.

Jesus, help our hands to do

All things loving, kind and true.

Jesus, may we helpful be,

Growing everyday like thee.  Amen

Our Schedule

To achieve our mission, Lutheran Boy Pioneers and Buckaroos provide a ministry for boys in grades 1-8 that:
  • Is of interest to the adolescent youth.
  • Teaches useful skills for living in God's world.
  • Develops a knowledge of God's creation.
  • Develops Christian leadership skills.
  • Encourages fellowship with Christians.
  • Encourages serving our Lord by serving our fellow man in our church and community.
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