What makes King of Kings Lutheran Church a beautiful church? Certainly the new pews and carpet are nice. Other examples could be mentioned: the stained glass windows are not only beautiful, but they also are visual reminders of important truths. We see the Triune God in the symbols in the windows as well as the importance of the Word and Sacraments.

While we seek to glorify God by the appearance of our sanctuary, the real beauty is that people hear the gospel at King of Kings. Faith sees the glory of God in the message of forgiveness that Christ won for us. This intangible beauty is the real beauty of our church.

Martin Luther comments about the “ivory palace” of Christian congregations. It is the beauty of Christ:

“If you consider appearances, what do you see here in Wittenberg that is precious? You see nothing magnificent about the church. Truly the town is built of clay. Yet it is an ‘ivory palace’ of Christ. Just so the most insignificant village in which a pastor and some believers dwell is also a place of ivory. But to see this you need others eyes than the eyes of flesh; for this preciousness is estimated, not by appearances or by verdict of the five senses and of reason or by laws or the arts or philosophy but by the Word of God.”

What Luther Says, p. 1188