God has promised that his Word works in the hearts of his people. It always works!

God’s Word corrects and rebukes us as it reveals our sins. This painful processes is necessary so that we see the need for Jesus. The Bible reveals Jesus as the perfect source of salvation.

But God’s Word does not work just because we know it exists. We are to read, study, and hear it. As we hear the Word, we can be confident that God will strengthen our faith, silence our guilt, and empower us to live in ways that bring glory to him.

Worship, Bible Class, and personal time in God’s Word are vital for the spiritual growth of a Christian. Sunday worship, which is certainly a highlight of the Christian’s week, is not intended to be the only way that God’s people hear God’s Word. Make time to read your Bible at home. Use the bulletin inserts as a guide; or just read for a few minutes each day and think about what God’s Word is saying to you. Make time for Bible Class also! The format lends itself to questions (sometimes the questions from others will help you too) and also allows you to listen to how other believers apply God’s Word in their lives.

In Psalm 119, we are reminded of the benefits of God’s Word. Here is just one portion of that Psalm:

Psalm 119:65–72

Lord, you have treated your servant well,
just as you promised.
Teach me good judgment and discernment,
for I rely on your commands.
Before I was afflicted I went astray,
but now I keep your word.
You are good, and you do what is good;
teach me your statutes.
The arrogant have smeared me with lies,
but I obey your precepts with all my heart.
Their hearts are hard and insensitive,
but I delight in your instruction.
It was good for me to be afflicted
so that I could learn your statutes.
Instruction from your lips is better for me
than thousands of gold and silver pieces