Hymns with Singing

King of Kings congregation initiated a project to share our blessings from God to provide an enhanced worship service experience for our brothers and sisters in Christ helping them to strengthen and nurture their faith.  King of Kings congregation is providing hymns in an electronic music format  that also contains  “congregation singing”.  The goal is that when used with a small worship group, they would  feel more comfortable singing along with the hymns regardless of their personal skills or the local acoustic environment.

The hymns are available for download at:


These electronic hymns with singing are intended to be helpful when a pastor preaches to a small congregation or to a small group at a nursing home. The initial release contains 11 hymns taken from the Christian Worship Lutheran Hymnal which were recorded with singing.  These hymns are completely in the public domain and are offered free of charge to Pastor's for their use in their ministry.  

Please provide us feedback on your usage of these hymns.  We tentatively are planning to create another set in the Fall of 2018.