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Elementary School

Preschool, Kindergarten, Grades 1-8
Serving Christ in Garden Grove for more than 50 years!!

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Oct 13 6:30 PM

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Currency... the price for a soul, Jesus!


Garden Grove, CA


  Sunday Worship - 9:00 AM  

     Come and Learn About Our Savior Every Sunday
           - Jesus IS the way, the truth, the life
           - He has saved us from our sins!


  Sunday Bible Studies - 10:30 AM  

- Adult Group
- Women's Group
- Youth Group
- Sunday School
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King of Kings School Connection

Registration is 8/17 .....

       Summer is nearly gone.
       Register your children now!

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Preschool, Kindergarden, or Grades 1-8.
ALL classrooms are open for enrollment now.

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